Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am thrilled to announce that, in conjunction with my book,  ("Jim Reeves: His Untold Story"), a NEW 2-CD (144 minute) documentary, "JIM REEVES: THE NEW RECORDINGS," has been released, featuring 42 songs by Jim, including 20 NEW overdubs of RCA masters, NEW overdubs of unreleased songs, NEW interviews with Jim you haven't heard before, plus commentary from me.

Narrated by Dan Hurst, (whose mellifluous voice has been heard promoting Disney, ESPN, Hallmark, Ford and Sprint), this new documentary traces the evolution of Jim Reeves from east Texas farm boy to world famous singing star. Like my book, it is a very honest look at this wonderful artist.

Some of Mr. Reeves' best RCA studio recordings have been stripped down to the bare essentials, his voice digitally remastered for better clarity, and then combined with tasteful new instrumentation to give them a sound as fresh as today! You won't believe your ears. There are a total of 86 tracks (including narration).

New recordings were done in studios ranging from Nashville to Atlanta, from the Carolina mountains to Europe, and feature some of the top musicians, orchestrators, background singers and engineers working today. This keepsake 2-CD set is priced at only $24.95 -- a real bargain! You can order the CDs alone, or as a combo with my book, for a big discount.

Believe me, the music is INCREDIBLE. I'm very proud of this release. There are some fun surprises for you, that showcase the talent and the life of the great "Gentleman Jim." I will be writing more on my blog in the days ahead to tell you about how this project was assembled, and show you some "behind the scenes" photos, so be sure to check visit my blog again soon.

To see a track listing and listen to samples of songs, click HERE.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review in Country Music People

The April issue of Country Music People in the UK has a big review written by the magazine's former editor, Tony Byworth, of my new book, "Jim Reeves: His Untold Story." He does a very thorough job of analyzing the various components of the biography, and it's interesting to read his insights. Columnist David Allan also has some comments about my book.

To read the review, click on each page icon to enlarge it. (Or download a zip file here).

The same issue of CMP contains a scathing personal attack on me in a letter to the editor from David Bussey, who formerly ran the Jim Reeves Appreciation club back in the early 1970s, but has not been active in fan circles for many years. Although it is not my intention to normally reply to critics, in this case I feel I must, because Mr. Bussey has made several statements about me in public print which are factually wrong and malicious in nature.

To read my response — and hear audio excerpts from a taped interview I did with him years ago in which he took an entirely different view of things than he now evinces — click HERE.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Mentioned on XM/Sirius Radio

I finally heard Dallas Wayne of "Willie's Roadhouse" mention my book, "Jim Reeves: His Untold Story" today on XM/Sirius satellite radio, channel 56. Friends and fans have been telling me that he's been talking about it as he's been reading it. I sure appreciate the plug. The station plays traditional country music like Jim and his contemporaries. It also keeps track of current performers and their bookings. I think half of Texas listens to this channel and the rest soon will! It's an incredibly popular channel. Click the audio below to hear today's mention:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thanks to Dallas Wayne, XM/Sirius satellite

I love XM Satellite radio and have it in my car, but I missed hearing Dallas Wayne of "Willie's Roadhouse" talk about my book today on the radio. A fan, David Mills, sent me an email to alert me. It looks like Judy Ford's efforts have paid off! As those of you who read my book know, Judy had a close personal relationship with Jim Reeves just before he died. (She was a young rodeo star whom he met and romanced). I tell her story in my big bio on Reeves. Judy is a "salt of the earth" type of woman, who lives on a ranch in Texas and she is a dedicated country music fan and big proponent of "Willie's Roadhouse." She had told me she'd left several messages by phone for them and apparently Dallas bought the eBook. I will be interested in hearing more feedback from him. I appreciate it!