Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daniel O'Donnell endorses NEW Jim Reeves 8 CD set

World famous singer Daniel O'Donnell appears in a new TV commercial promoting "The Great Jim Reeves" 8 CD set that I produced this past summer. He and his beautiful singing partner, Mary Duff, are fans of Jim’s and often do his songs. In fact, in 2004, Daniel did a 90-minute tribute to Reeves that was telecast live from Branson, Missouri on PBS (public television) stations nationwide, and seen by 60 million viewers! He and Mary tour internationally and sell out venues ranging from the Sydney Opera House in Australia to Carnegie Hall in New York, to dates all over Europe and even Sri Lanka. In this sense, Daniel is very much like Jim Reeves in terms of his global popularity. He does not try to sound like Jim -- he merely pays tribute to his artistry. He also is a gentleman and honors his fans the way Jim Reeves did. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Daniel and Mary this summer and he pledged his support to helping promote the new 8 CD set, which features 170+ tracks, 92 of them in new musical settings, along with a 48-page booklet that my daughter Sara helped me write. Mr. O’Donnell was true to his word, and did a big article for the Sunday World, a major newspaper in Ireland, in which he talked about this set and also my book. And he and Mary recently taped a series of commercials which will air in the EU and also be seen on the world wide web. It's a great honor to have such wonderful stars express their support for this very unique set!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New 8 CD "Great Jim Reeves" Set w/NEW MUSIC & 48 pg BOOK!

I am pleased to announce the debut of a wonderful new 8 CD set commemorating the 50th anniversary year of Jim's passing. “THE GREAT JIM REEVES” has 170 tracks (including 92 overdubs). Even if you have bought every VoiceMasters and/or H&H release before, this set still offers 42 NEW overdubs of RCA masters you have never heard before. Reeves' magnificent voice has been isolated from the original backings, remastered for greater clarity, then combined with tasteful new accompaniment, including by current members of the Grand Ole Opry band! It sounds like Jim just recorded these today! I also wrote an exclusive 48-page (almost 18,000-word!) booklet (with my daughter Sara) about the “Songs & Recordings.” It features notes on each song plus rare photos that have never appeared anywhere before. It comes in a beautiful, silver-trimmed case with each of the CDs organized according to theme (Early Days, Gospel, Nashville Sound, Pop, Christmas, etc.) You get all this for only $49.95. Just go to!