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  1. (4-2-12)

    Dear Mr. Jordan,
    I have really enjoyed your whole new blog web-site! Looking forward to your next blog entry! I have some questions for you:

    1.) Do you plan to ever put together a complete recording session & session personnel listing of all Jim Reeves music recordings - Voice Master Label recordings inclusive?

    2.) In your superb new book, "Jim Reeves: His Untold Story;" you wrote that Jim had to pay for his recording sessions at RCA and pay all the musicians and singers as well, pretty much pay for the whole thing. That his RCA recording work was partially paid for out of Jim's record royalties and sales and the rest out of his own pocket.
    Is this the way major label studios in Nashville still record their major artists today?

    Lastly, I have been listening to major Country FM Radio and I still cannot hear any of the classic Country Music Artists like Jim Reeves, who opened all the doors for all the young modern pop country singers/artists of today!
    I don't even hear George Strait or Hank Jr. on today's major Country radio!
    3.) After reading your excellent book on Jim Reeves, Mr. Jordan, I am wondering what your opinion of this New Country Music?

    I just have a real hard time accepting most of this New Country, since its not at all Country Music, nor even good Rock or Pop, for that matter!
    I have an even harder time accepting it, when they play the same rocked-up stuff, same predictable rock progressions, same basic sound and song structure, whether fast, medium or slow songs, broadcast 24/7, with few exceptions! They've already, long ago, beat this horse too-death! WHY aren't they willing to let it die, bury it and get-on up-the-pike?

    They call this noise, New Country Music, to the total exclusion of all older Country Music pioneers and their more traditional Country Music!
    These young Country Music radio execs and people in control at major labels, have for the last 15-20 years or more, effectively shut-out most of the traditional Country artists from the 1950-s through the 80's!
    They shut-out Jim Reeves music among most all other Country Music Stars of the 50's and 60's! They even shut-out Johnny Cash, until he signed with Rick Rubin's American Recording indie label!
    It just makes me sick to see the double-standards, total hypocritical age bias and prejudice and the choke-hold control going down in today's Country Music Radio and all the major label recordings coming out of Nashville in the last 15+ years!
    I just wish Country Music Radio would play it ALL! Country Music from the Singing Brakeman, Jimmy Rogers, to Taylor Swift and the music of every Country Music Star in-between! What I wouldn't give to turn on my regional FM Country Music station, and hear Patsy Cline or Jim Reeves, singing one of theirr big hits again, you know?

    What do you think Jim Reeves would've thought about NEW Country Music Radio today, shutting-out all other Country Music, except this new rocked-up noise of today?

    Thank you for your most valuable time, sir!

    A Very Loyal Jim Reeves Fan!,
    Oregon USA

  2. Thanks for your questions. Here are my responses:

    (1) Bear Family previously released a discography on Jim that is complete with regard to his RCA recordings (although in my book I pointed out some errors). As for the demos I released on Jim, those are very hard to document in the absence of any paperwork.

    (2) It is still common for an artist to receive only a small percentage of the income generated by their music, out of which they do indeed have to pay studio and musician costs, promotion, etc. The entities that make all the money are the retailers, distributors and of course the record labels. That's why Jim and a lot of other artists formed music publishing companies so they could get an extra penny or two per song.

    (3) As for what Jim Reeves would have thought of today's music, I would point you to some articles he wrote on the subject of music just before his death (and which I excerpt in my book).

  3. Hello Larry
    I have sent you an e-mail. Would appreciate confirming that you received it and love a response when you have the time.

    Thank you
    Shevanthi Perera

  4. Hello Larry:

    I waited patiently for the book and to be honest I often wondered if I would live long enough to see it published. I ordered my copy here from your website and have just finished reading it. I do wish however that it had come signed by you since it was ordered on your website versus Amazon or some other place. After reading the book I must say that you did an excellent job on the book and one felt as though they were travelling with Jim the entire way. The photos in the book were also very good. I am glad that I ordered the book and have been recommending it to others via my Facebook page and by word of mouth.

    My question to you is do you know if and when Mary's remains will be moved to Carthage, Texas. I think the news jumped the gun sometime ago when it was published that she would be reinterred in Carthage next to Jim. I haven't heard anymore on the story. If you know anything about that I would appreciate you letting me know.

    Back to the book it was shipped very quickly and arrived in excellent shape. As far as the truth about Jim and the things you wrote in the book concerning his wandering eyes etc. only prove to me that Jim was a human being capable of doing as all humans do. I do not think any less of him and will always cherish the time I got to visit with Jim backstage at the Amarillo Municipal Auditorium on May 12, 1961. My Uncle was a disk jockey at KBUY radio stationa at the time and he took me as his guest. Jim was so gracious to me and was not at all a hateful person. We did visit for quite some time and that is something I shall never forget.He even sent me to get us a cold drink while he was waiting to be interviewed by my Uncle.

    I was also wishing that you had told of the whereabouts of Judy Ford and some of the others these days. I have talked with Doris Gath a few years ago and she is a very sweet lady. I do know that Bea Terry has passed away as has Wilma Sedivy. The only thing I ever heard of Gailo Talley was that she married after Jim's death which you spoke of in the book.

    Thanks again for the book and all you have done to keep his memory alive. I just wish the Reeves decendants cared as much as they should about his legacy instead of the money they hope to receive.

    Thanks Again and I will be looking for a response.



  5. Hi Larry.
    Congrats on a fabulous website on one of my all time favourite singers. I am a country musician based in Ireland and was piano/keyboard player in a Jim Reeves tribute show and we toured Ireland several times and I can tell you we had great fun working out Jims studio arrangements with only 6 musicians. Looking forward to reading your book and possibly making further purchases. I think I might have been accidentally overcharged as I appear to be charged $46 dollars for the book. As its only $24.95 for the book and $6 for international delivery this would appear to be an error. I wonder if you could look into this for me please.
    Many thanks and well done again'
    Declan Aungier.

  6. Dear Larry

    I hope you are well. I have two questions: the first concerns ordering the print version of your Reeves book and the CDs from South Africa. Could you perhaps give me contact details of the distributor so that I can approach them directly? The website either won't accept the South African mail details, or is declared 'unsafe' for cerdit card details. I would love to get the book as soon as possible.
    The second is a more intricate query. Once I have read your book, could I engage you on issues relating to Reeves and South Africa? I am currently researching - initially for academic purposes (I am a professor who heads the Department of English at the biggest South African university) - the life and afterlife of Reeves in South Africa, and could so benefit from your research and knowledge.
    It would be wondeful if - having read your book - I could ask you some specific questions. I would also be able to review your book in some form, which may assist in building a South African readership for the work.

    Best wishes
    Michael Titlestad (

    1. The order page for my book and the new 2-CD set offers two options for payment: credit card or PayPal. Both are secure, and payment is automatically converted from your currency to U.S. dollars. I have no idea why you're having problems but we routinely receive orders from all over the world, including South Africa. If you acquire the book I'd certainly be happy to correspond with you regarding any questions you may have.

  7. Hi Larry,

    My name is Ryan Sheeler (

    I am a musician/researcher; co-author of From Bakersfield to Beale Street: A Regional History of American Rock n' Roll (Kendall-Hunt, 3rd edition 2013). I'm interested in your book and would like to talk to you more about your research. I've been a long time fan of Jim Reeves and classic country of the Nashville era.

    Blessings, Ryan Sheeler

  8. Dear Larry-
    We are having trouble ordering the book and CD combo. We want to order it for my mother-in-law who lives in England and is a huge fan of Jim Reeves. She actually called and asked us to try and find it for her. Could you please let us know an alternative way to order them? We would even like to be able to have them shipped directly to her.
    Dave & Debi O'Connor

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  10. I'm not sure why you are having trouble ordering the book. Just click on the picture of my book cover in the upper left hand corner of this page.

    Or go to and click the green flashing box that says "Click Here to Order." It takes you to a page where you can select the book/CD combo. You simply use the little drop-down menu to indicate in your case that you are a foreign customer. Then click the gold "Buy Now" button.

    When you arrive at the payment page, it will give you the option of using your PayPal account to purchase. BUT if you are not a member of PayPal, that's okay. There's a link underneath that says "Don't have a PayPal account?" Click that and it will open up a page where you can type your credit card information. This is a secure transaction so you needn't worry about confidentiality.

    When you wrote me you did not give me your email address hence I could not reply to you privately. I hope you see this response. Thanks for your interest in my book!

  11. why did jim Reeves have brown eyes in some colour photos and blue eyes in other photos?
    Did he wear contact lenses to change eye colour?

    Kind Regards,

  12. Larry
    I bought your book, paper and ebook, and found it a very good read.
    It is a fact that Jimmy Day played for Jim very early on and Jimmy even released a record album as a tribute to those days. Jimmy Day is a early developer of the modern pedal steel there are two main setups for the steel, Day and Emmons. I have found little written about Jimmy's time with Jim Reeves and would like to know if you would be able to shed some light on Jimmy Day's time working for Jim Reeves.
    Thanks for your efforts. Bill Duncan

  13. God bless you Mr Jordan

    Thank you sincerely for the book on Mr James Travis Reeves. I have read the book twice and feel as if I have gotten to know the artist, the man, and the people who shared Jim's life with.

    Mr. Jordan thank you for all your hard work to compile all the peoples stories, plus all your own personal experiences with Mary Reeves to compose a true outlook into the life of Jim Reeves from youth to adult hood, from failures to fame. A true outlook of a humble man and his temptations of life on the road, a good solid human being that had a wonderful voice. Thanks for bringing Jim Reeves the untold story to being told in such a wonderful way that gets a person like myself a insight of what Jim went thru until the end on July 64..

    One question I do have Mr. Jordan... I know Leo Jackson is now passed a very sad thing.. What other Blue Boys are still living? Like Mel Rogers, Bob Dyson, James Kirkland?

    Thanks so much
    Melvin J Marlett

  14. As of this writing, Blue Boy James Kirkland (who can also be seen playing bass for Ricky Nelson on the old "Ozzie & Harriet" TV reruns) is still alive in Texas, and Bud Logan (to whom Mary left $100,000 -- the same as she left her second husband Terry Davis -- is alive and living in the Nashville area. There were some other Blue Boys who were briefly with Jim in late 1963 and '64 whom I was never able to track down and may still be alive. Also, some early guys who technically were Wagonmasters and then BBs for a little while, are also around and can be found on Facebook.

  15. Dear Larry,
    I bought your wonderful book Jim Reeves His Untold Story, and have just started to read it. I am enjoying it so much. You will think me very silly when I tell you that, I have resisted reading the book for ages, as I knew once I had read it, it would be gone. I don't suppose that makes sense to anyone else but me. I also own the DVD of Kimberly Jim, which I haven't watched either, as again, if I watch it, there can never be another film. I wish I could have been born earlier, then I might have been lucky enough to have gone to see Jim live, and even have got to meet him, but alas, that wasn't to be, life is very unfair, Jim Reeves could have still been alive today, think of all the songs that might have been....sigh.
    I also bought the CDs and have listened to them constantly in my car, since they arrived, they too are wonderful.

    I wanted to say thank you for writing this book, as I have loved Jim Reeves like you, for as long as I can remember ( I was born 9 months after he died) I have always wanted to know more about him. I am a great fan too, but you will have heard this same story very many times from his fans I am sure.

    I wanted to ask you a question, the book I received is a paperback, and while lovely to read, I wondered if it were possible to buy a hard backed copy? Not that I would ever get rid of my paperback, you understand, but a hard backed copy would be extra special.

    Thank you for all your hard work into this wonderful book, which I will love I am sure, if the first few chapters are anything to go by.

    Kind Regards, Eileen Mullay, Shetland, Scotland. UK

  16. Thank you for your comments and question. To print the book in a hard cover format would literally DOUBLE the cost and make it so heavy (it's 672 pages!) that it would put it into a new mail class and cost a fortune to mail, especially to foreign customers. However, I made sure that the soft cover version had a very sturdy cover that is high gloss with a laminate finish to make it impervious to fingerprints, etc. Unlike cloth covers that get soiled, the cover on my book is such it can be merely wiped with a soft rag to keep it clean.

  17. Enjoying the book after I waited 11 years through 3 states till I came to Nashville and got the book we live very close to the Ryman. Thank you Francesca

  18. True that Jim may not have been perfect who is? But he's favorite of mine since England to California and in the present in my 60 s he's gone near 51 years but his music lives on No one with. Me

  19. This is one long book 11 years wait he wasn't perfect but very well researched book any chance of a updated version? Always liked Jim Reeves in England as a young girl still do now in my 60s

  20. Yes, there will be an updated version. I am reviewing the book and tightening it so I can include some interviews with sources that I didn't put in the first edition. I've also acquired some wonderful new photos that nobody has seen, and hope to include those as well. Thanks for your interest!

  21. Hi Larry,

    I wonder if you are aware of the curious divorce case surrounding Jim Reeves, which took place in my home town of Southampton, England.

    According to newspaper reports, the husband was able to divorce his wife on the grounds that the 'spirit of Jim Reeves' had driven a wedge between them.
    I have glossed over the more intimate details of the case, which if my memory serves me, took place in the 1980's. It is somewhat a bizarre and ghostly tale!

    The lady in question, had never met Jim 'in the flesh', but fell in love with his voice, when she heard ' I love you because' played on the juke box in the early 60's.

    Do you know if Mary Reeves knew of this, and if so what her thoughts were regarding the case?



  22. Hi, my McAfee malware software stops me going to your site to buy the book. Has the book been published in the UK?

    I am from the UK.

  23. How does the house of Jim Reeves look like today in 2020?

  24. Hello Larry Jordan,

    I tried emailing your your email address on this website although it bounced back.

    (1) Do you know why your email isn't accepting emails anymore?
    (2) I'm doing research into Jim Reeves gig at St.Mary's Hall, Portadown. Do you have any information in relation that gig or even a photo of a poster from that gig?

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a good day and week.

    Kind regards,

    David Mc Donald

  25. Hello Larry

    I'm doing some research into Jim Reeves at the minute, although, specifically his gig he had while performing in Ireland during his Tour of Ireland at the St.Mary's Hall, Portadown venue.

    If, I may ask,

    Do you have any information in relation to this particular gig?

    Also, was there a poster for this particular gig or Jim Reeves?

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a good day and week.

    Kind regards,

    David Mc Donald
    Portadown, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

  26. David, I have no idea why the email address isn't working. I will check into it. If you want to communicate with me directly, email me at:

  27. Read your excellent book! I read their was a briefcase nobody was supposed to see during the crash! At the site government people 're covered it! Nothing read about in your book about the mysterious btiecase! Secrets about JFK maybe?!


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