Saturday, September 9, 2017

“Jim Reeves: A New Way” 2017 overdub CD released!

The most wonderful new CD has just been issued called “Jim Reeves: A New Way,” and believe me, it IS new. It contains 15 new overdubs and the sound is SPECTACULAR. It will take your breath away! In fact, Jim never sounded better. His voice is so rich and clear, it’s as if he just recorded this album today. The CD contains well known favorites as well as more obscure material you may not have heard. We worked primarily with “voice isolation” tracks and, with the help of some big-league pro musicians, arrangers and engineers, from America and Europe, built new instrumentation around him to showcase Jim’s timeless voice in more contemporary settings to give these songs a fresh appeal. THERE'S EVEN A NEW DUET featuring a wonderful (and attractive blonde) singer! This new CD really is something unique that you’ll want to acquire. It is frankly tiresome and very bewildering to see so many obscure labels around the world repeatedly issuing the same handful of time worn tracks on Jim, many of them of very poor quality. Shame on them! This great artist deserves better than that! So our CD is something sparkling and oh-so-enjoyable. It’s a treat for the ears, and the senses. To listen to samples or to buy a copy (at a discounted price), go to the Good Music Store online by clicking HERE.

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