I was honored to be interviewed for Billboard magazine, which for many years has been the very respected trade journal of the music industry. Jim Reeves, of course, appeared in Billboard many times, both with stories about his travels and achievements, and also on their music charts. Interestingly, the magazine debuted in 1894, before the music industry as we know it even existed. Its original purpose was to serve as a mail-forwarding service for traveling performers. A couple of years later it was covering the carnival and fair attractions business. Eventually it evolved into also spotlighting the music business and in early 1961, the carnival coverage was spun off into a new publication, Amusement Business. Today the magazine also covers digital and mobile entertainment. It is now read in more than 100 countries around the world, and attracts 2.5 million unique visitors to its website each month. The "Billboard Music Awards" is one of television's most popular annual entertainment events, and Billboard's stories and charts are licensed for use in every possible media, including mobile phones.

Billboard is the world's most influential music media brand reaching key executives and tastemakers in and around the music biz.

To read the interview with me about my new book, "Jim Reeves: His Untold Story," click the icon below. Feel free to then post your comments by returning to my blog and scrolling down this page.

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