"10 Stars. Let's give credit where credit is due. I started to write that this book is the best biography I ever read. But I would be more correct in saying that this is the best book I ever read — period. I am a huge Jim Reeves fan, but I sincerely believe that this book would be of tremendous intrigue and pleasure to anyone at all (Jim Reeves fan or not) because it is breathtakingly well-researched, absolutely riveting, funny, sad, and (needless to say) the grandest insight into Jim Reeves and his life and career that anyone ever produced. I thought that I was well-versed on Jim Reeves. But I didn't know how little I knew. Many people — unfortunately including me — criticized the author of this book, Larry Jordan, because he was 'taking too long' to get this book finished. A couple of wise old sayings come to mind here: 'Good things come to those who wait' and 'he who laughs last, laughs best.' I don't mean to imply that Larry is laughing at those who criticized him or said that his book would never be published. But he certainly would have a right to laugh if he chose to exercise it... As I type these words into my computer, the Amazon sales ranking for this book is 12,932. Since there are over 14 million titles now available on, that means this book is now selling among the top one-seventh of one percent. Because I myself am involved in the book publishing world, I know that such a sales ranking does not mean that Larry is living in a mansion in Beverly Hills. But it does mean that this book is selling very impressively indeed — and deservedly so. And it's only getting started!" — David Mills

"I didn't know about Jim Reeves when he was alive. I only found out about him thru a friend who sent me an email with Jim singing my favorite of all favorites of his: 'May the Good Lord Bless And Keep You.' That was when I was in my 70s. Since then, I have collected many of his CDs and listen to them daily. My favorite at that time was Bing Crosby and now I can tell that Jim surpassed him with a much better voice... Yes, I have the book. It is a very revealing story and makes me wonder how anyone can go on day after day performing in one-night stands without getting burned out. I admit I have stayed up way too late some nights when I was reading this book. There is so much detail...I will have to read it a second time." — Kathryn Sweet

"Extraordinary in detail and elegantly written, I found this biography of Jim Reeves riveting for the entire [672] pages. I am so grateful to Larry for documenting the life of one of the world's most unforgettable singers. Larry has been true to the code of a professional biographer: telling the truth, giving us the facts about a complex personality but with respect and compassion. This book is a 'must have' for any Jim Reeves fan." — David Allan

"Wow. Where to begin? It has always been my belief that Peter Guralnick's two Elvis books, 'Last Train To Memphis' and 'Careless Love' were the best biographies ever written about an entertainer. But not any longer. Move over Peter! Elvis has left the building. It's now Larry Jordan's 'Jim Reeves: His Untold Story' that is the new masterpiece that all other biographies should use as a marker to gauge their success. Larry Jordan has not only captured the legendary Jim Reeves like nobody else ever has, but he has taken each of us readers into Jim Reeves' world with Jim welcoming us on our way in. From the moment one picks this book up to the second that one finishes reading the last page, there is never a dull moment... If Jim's music is still popular 200 years from now, one can only thank Larry Jordan. For it will be his book that will still be the main reference book on who Jim Reeves was. Very rarely do I ever reread a book as soon as I finish it. In fact, I never have...until now." — David Ray

"The BIG book arrived today and I want you to know it is all you've heard about it and more! My gosh, it is SO big it will take me a year to read it as I want to peruse and absorb every word in it. Larry has done himself up proud I believe. Of course I've barely scratched the surface but it sure does look interesting. Now my wish is that some movie mogul will see the book and decide to make a movie of Jim's life, based on this book and all its facts. Thank you, Larry, so much. Youo really did it and it was worth waiting for! Always for Jim..." — Doris Gath (a personal friend of Jim and Mary and one of Mr. Reeves' fan club presidents)

"Having waited for 11 years for this book, I can honestly say it was well worth the wait !!!!!! This book may change your opinion of the man, but it will also make you listen to his music in a different light. This really is a lesson in how to write the life story of a legend. Highly recommended." — Paul Merchem

"This book...was a surprise...on three fronts. I learned a great deal about music from the '50s, and 60s and beyond. The man Jim Reeves, how complex he was, and what a marvelous gift he was given at birth. HOWEVER the big surprise was, it was a love story. Without a doubt one of the all-time best I have ever read. The cast will pull at your heartstrings." — Mary

"There has been a lot of premature hype regarding the release of this long awaited book mostly from purported fans outraged at Mr. Jordan's audacity for writing a life story on their beloved idol. I am pleased to say their fears are completely unfounded. This is a wonderful read that was eleven years in the making and I have to say that it was a most worthwhile wait. The research is meticulous and the pages unfold to explain...not just a wonderful raw talent but also the artist's foibles, struggles and weaknesses. I am hard pressed to recall a better written book on an entertainment figure... I fervently hope that Hollywood takes note and turns this book into a silver screen epic in the future." — Michele Monro (daughter of singer Matt Monro)

"If you want to learn all you can about Jim Reeves the entertainer and the person then this has got to be THE place to go. I think there are several more books which could be developed from here — one about the writing of the book as that must have been a journey all in itself and then what about the twins?" — Bill Black

"Short of reporting what kind of toothpaste [Jim] used it covers just about everything else about Jim. One can't accuse Larry of not being objective and the writing is very sound. The book paints the picture of a man who had his shortcomings but he also was a great talent, a perfectionist and a person of intellectual substance who wanted to live fully and to sample and indulge everything that his life had to offer. A dumb hillbilly he was not!" — Lorne Harasen (friend of Jim Reeves)

"I have never read a biography on an entertainer with this much depth. Usually this sort of detail is reserved for Presidential memoirs. The amount of research that obviously went into this book makes it unassailable. It's all documented, even with the handwriting reproduced from Jim Reeves's private diaries, personal letters and song lyrics. The heretofore unknown story that serves as the subplot of the whole book is a secret love affair between Jim Reeves and a Hollywood publicist named Bea Terry. Jim Reeves the man becomes flesh and blood on these pages. I could hardly wait to get to the next page and the next BIG disclosure. The whole book has a you-are-there-feel. The writing is very polished...everything flows from one anecdote to the next, chronologically. For my money it's the best country music bio you'll ever read." — Valerie Diane

"This book is massive, comprehensive, and definitive. It is everything I expected, and more... Congratulations on a job well done." — Robert Wagner

"I am enjoying the book so much. Have been a fan since 1954. Jim Reeves music brings back so many wonderful memories for me.’ — Maureen Coffman

"I'm just over half-way through Larry's book, and all I can say is, it's incredible! It's truly an amazing piece of research, and apparently very well documented considering almost every aspect and day in the life of Jim Reeves is dated... The book covers everything, including his ancestry and even detailed to the point of specific dates of where he was, and what he was doing. It also gives background on why he recorded certain songs. Like all GOOD biographies, it has things that might be shocking, but it's not written in a 'shock journalism' manner. The author keeps the objective in sight and Reeves is presented in a very positive light and with utmost respect, in spite of the man's transgressions. Don't just take my word for it...but the book and draw your own conclusions. You will not be disappointed! – Iconoclasher

"The book is very well written and let's you know some very surprising facts about Jim. The book has made me listen to all his recordings from the very beginning. I'm listening to his recordings in another way after reading this book. As a fan of Jim Reeves you must buy, and read, this book! It will make you appreciate his music even more." — Even Bjerkelien

"In the UK there is a saying about something that comes along maybe once in a lifetime. The saying is, 'This is a Concorde moment,' an aeroplane so beautiful that I wonder if another will ever be built. This I feel about Larry's book. I may read the odd snippet of information about Jim Reeves on a CD etc., but I know I will never read so much about one person, and my favourite singer, ever again. As I read the book and learned about the recordings, it was interesting to me to play each vinyl LP and CD, to know more about Jim's temperament and mood as he recorded. I know I will read the book over and over again. As someone who reads bios and autobios most of the time, this is by far the best of the lot." — Keith Kent

"The book I waited most of my life for. I just finished Larry's book this weekend.The fantastic level of detail along with a certain drread of reaching the end of the book and the tragedy of Jim's death forced me to pace myself and I'm glad I did. Thanks Larry, you made a dream come true for me — a comprehensive biography of Jim, something I've waited and wished for for almost 30 years!" — Gene Newgaard

"I just finished reading the book and all I have to say is WOW! What an awesome book!!!! Well done Larry!!! From the Foreword to the very last page, it truly is a wonderful read. From the smallest detail to the largest detail, it really makes you feel you're right there living it along with Mr. Reeves. Thank you for writing this outstanding book!"

"I have read many biographies on singers and own many and I found this the best one I have read! It was a book I could not put down. My library had it and I enjoyed it so much, I bought a copy for my own library at home. I liked the way the author had the pictures in with the narrative. I felt like I was there living that time period. This author showed he had done a lot of research and I learned a lot about Jim Reeves. I enjoyed this book so much and have told my friends to read this book. A must read for fans of Jim Reeves." — Elizabeth Grant

"Hats off to Larry Jordan. Larry has really put the record straight about Jim after that horrendous mailing in that 'other book.' It was a real labour of love putting together this biography. The book is highly recommended and I can't praise it enough. Many thanks Larry for the speedy service from Page Turner Books and for your loving commitment to this long awaited gem." — Garry

"Larry Jordan's book is incredible. The research that went into it is evident on every page. There's really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said by other customers. Contender for Book of the Century, and an absolute 'must have' for fans of the Great Jim Reeves, or music fans in general. It has taken 47 years for an authentic book on Jim Reeves to come along, but it was well worth the wait! Essential purchase." — TPBP

"One thing for sure, over the years lots of detail of Jim's life, both private and public, have come to light. When you read this book remember he was human, not a saint or immortal. I know that even some of us die hard fans will discover a deeper insight into Jim's life with this book, and some more pieces to the jigsaw. Sinatra, Dean Martin, John Lennon to name a few all had what I would call 'skeletons in the cupboard.' What I feel is relevant is not only Jim's contribution to country music worldwide, but the immeasurable impact he has had on individual hearts. His voice and music near 50 years on shows just how great his impact and contribution to popular music has been. In this you will understand why." — Tony Wall

"What a surprise when I got to the post office today and found my book waiting for me. According to the date on the parcel it only took 9 days to reach me here in South Africa. I only had time to glance through it quickly. What I've seen sure looks very interesting. Thank you Larry for all the trouble you have gone through to give us this book." — Dirk Joubert

"Fantastic book!! I finished reading it a couple of days ago and have been digesting it. I am especially intrigued by the description of the concert the night after President Kennedy was shot, where Jim opened with 'I hear the sound of distant drums...' That means that Jim publicly performed a song that to him at the time, was just a demo which was not going to be released! Many thanks to you for such a thorough and interesting book. It is as if we are traveling with and following Jim, and experiencing what he experienced at the time — throughout his life, from the beginning to the end. Thanks for making Jim come alive for all of us." — Frank Baker

"The waiting is over now, my copy of the book arrived this morning. This is one THICK book about Jim Reeves. Already on chapter 4, but have to confess I cheated and read the chapter about the accident first. What an absolute tragedy of Jim Reeves. If I had knew the man as a friend, and took part in the search, I swear on a stack of Bibles I would have cried my eyes blind to find what was discovered at the crash site. So far Larry, a very well written book! Am thoroughly enjoying every page..." — Jimmy Peterson

"In 1961 Del Shannon had a hit titled 'Hats Off To Larry.' When I read the final word in 'Jim Reeves: His Untold Story,' I uttered those same words. Since I first discovered the magical voice of Jim Reeves in 1959, he was just that — a voice, accompanied only by album covers and liner notes. 52 years later, thanks to Larry, I now feel I know Jim Reeves the man. Thanks to the way the book was written I got to spend a few weeks as a 'fly on the wall' in Jim's life on and off the road, at home and in the studio. I felt like I was on a 40 year journey in those 3 weeks of reading the book. And even though I knew how it would end I didn't want it to because I was so much enjoying the trip back in time with the man whose voice had put me at ease for decades. The amount of research that was done on Jim's life was astounding. It was as close to an autobiography as one could get without it being written by Jim himself." — Mike Creasy
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  1. This is the best book ever. I have been a Jim Reeves fan since I was a child. I knew how it ended but didn't want it too!! What a wonderful wonderful job you did writing this. Well worth the wait. Peg Hopkins

  2. He wasn't Perfect this biography clearly shows this I was a young kid when I fell for his records in England took me all the way to California now to Nash will haven't changed still the same in my 60s

  3. Ik kom uit Nederland,zou het boek graag willen hebben.maar Engels is te moeilijk voor mij.


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