Saturday, July 25, 2015

Worldwide Fan Reaction to 8 CD "Great Jim Reeves" Set

As the anniversary of Jim's passing approaches July 31st, radio stations worldwide continue to play selections from the unique 8-CD set, “The Great Jim Reeves,” that features 170+ tracks, including 92 new overdubs and absolutely STUNNING sound quality. This is indisputably the BEST Jim Reeves release since the Bear 16 CD set issued over 20 years ago.

(Incidentally, Bear's marketing efforts regarding that old, overpriced $400 box set are MISLEADING. They state: “This is the complete career retrospective. Complete!...All the singles, all the albums, all the unissued titles we could find...and all other demo recordings.” This has been proven WRONG time and time again by what my label, VoiceMasters, has released — including many NEW songs by Jim that Bear does not have.)

Anyway, “The Great Jim Reeves” 8 CD set is bargain priced at only $49.95. That's about 23 cents per song...far less than a digital download. Jim's voice has been remastered for the best clarity and richness you have ever heard, then combined with tasteful new instrumentation by current members of the Grand Ole Opry band, Atlanta jazz musicians, folks from the Southern Gospel field and Europe. 

The packaging is unique, and includes a 48 page full color booklet. Here is just a PARTIAL list of the feedback we have received from radio stations around the world who are playing “The Great Jim Reeves.” Order it today at:

Rene Hoffman, Country Radio, Switzerland -- Superb
Julie Matheson, Icarna Radio, Australia -- Brilliant song
Joe Bartolo, One Radio, Malta -- WOW!
Hans Mair, Radio Osttirol, Austria -- More please
Olov Lindgren, Radio Avesta, Sweden -- Super new mix
Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania -- Clear country voice, unobtrusive backing, good beat
Hank Edwards, OMCRN Radio, UK -- Brilliant
Alex Pijnen, Zuidwest Radio, Holland -- Excellent
Ries Verwijmeren, Radio Rucphen, Holland -- Fantastic
Al Field, Triple U FM, Australia -- Radio hit
Dann Hansen, Radio Roskilde, Denmark -- Sweet soft country song
Ray Grundy, Bolton Radio, UK -- Jim is impeccable, lovely vocals from Barbi!
Maurice Hope, Rock Ć¢€˜n Reel Magazine, UK -- More from Gentleman Jim; and what a treat this updated version of the golden oldie is!
Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark -- Appealed to me
Lorraine Pfitzner, Radio 2 You FM, Australia -- Great new arrangement
Alan Staniland, Radio Warrington, UK -- Classic country sound from one of countryĆ¢€™s greats
Gerry Ford, 2 Sea FM Radio, Australia -- Fantastic
Dieter Trenkler, Country Music Radio, Germany -- This is really very good
June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA -- There is no one who sings like Jim -- great to keep his music alive
Peter Anderl, ORF Radio, Austria -- Just missing a solo by Barbi
Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK -- Very good
Tom Lambert, Variety Radio, UK -- Great work
Nigel Rennie, BFBS Radio, Falkland Islands -- Terrific
Eric Montfort, Radio 101, Malta -- Top marks
Ray Williams, South End Radio, Malta -- Excellent
John Murray, Castle FM, UK -- Fantastic duet
Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM, Belgium -- Stylish
John Morris, Trust AM Radio, UK -- Excellent
Dick Barrie, Crystal FM, UK -- Amazing track
Alan Potter, Tempo FM Radio, UK -- Great production
Brian Sharman, Wycombe Radio, UK -- 10 out of 10
Ros Ray, Forest FM, UK -- Sounds good to me
John Staff, Mid Downs Radio, UK -- Stunning
David Callister, Manx Radio, Isle of Man -- Very good track
Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM, UK -- Love it
Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland -- Very good remix
Brette Dominique, Triangle FM, France -- Great country rock
Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria -- Voices in excellent harmony
Urbain Van Geerteruy, Radio Beeiard, Belgium -- Just fantastic