Monday, March 12, 2012

Thanks to Dallas Wayne, XM/Sirius satellite

I love XM Satellite radio and have it in my car, but I missed hearing Dallas Wayne of "Willie's Roadhouse" talk about my book today on the radio. A fan, David Mills, sent me an email to alert me. It looks like Judy Ford's efforts have paid off! As those of you who read my book know, Judy had a close personal relationship with Jim Reeves just before he died. (She was a young rodeo star whom he met and romanced). I tell her story in my big bio on Reeves. Judy is a "salt of the earth" type of woman, who lives on a ranch in Texas and she is a dedicated country music fan and big proponent of "Willie's Roadhouse." She had told me she'd left several messages by phone for them and apparently Dallas bought the eBook. I will be interested in hearing more feedback from him. I appreciate it!